Dahlia Flower Catalog

Here you can view the many Dahlia Flowers grown on Hunters Garden Farms. Though Bulbs are not yet available for all varieties, the cut flowers may be seen at any time. 


**For specialized cut flower orders, please take note of our Availability.  Every season will be updated based on Field size and production rates.  **

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Dare Devil Dahlia

Primary Color: Red Availability: 30 Flowers/week Daredevil is a lovely red cactus flower. Its is an excellent cut flower with many blooms on every plant. Though there have never been any signs of wear on this flower, it does have a susceptibility to Powdery Mildew, but good pruning techniques, and watering in the morning rather than the evening have been good at solving this problem. The bulbs produce very rapidly, are of good size and easy to cut.