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Mission Statement

To Preserve the Land, Promote Life, Happiness, and Good Health, to Protect the Heritage given to us by our forefathers, and to Thank the Lord for all he has provided.

Long Island New York Dahlia Flower Farmer

About Us

Hunters Garen Farms, located on the east end of Long Island New York, was started by Brett Klug in 2010.  The land used for farming is a part of a 192 Acre parcel owned by Brett's father, Brian V. Klug, purchased in 2000.  Situated at the beginning of the Hamptons, Hunters Garden Farms remains among the dwindling population of farmland on Long Island New York.  Located in the Core of the Pine Barren Protected Forest region of New York, privacy is a guarantee on this treasured piece of land.


Prior to the Klug Family purchasing the land, the entire farm was depleted, washed out, and littered from beginning to end.  Over the course of ten years, Brian V. Klug and his sons worked hard to restore the land.  With replenished soil, native grasses including Switchgrass, Red Fescue, Little Bluestem and Broomsedge have been planted across the majority of the farm to enhance the local wildlife, protect the groundwater, and replenish the soils to pre-farming conditions.  To pay for the endeavors, Hunters Garden Preserve was formed.  By importing Pheasant, Quail, and Chukar Partridge, the wildlife populations are protected while more native birds are reintroduced to the habitiat.


With Hunters Garden's fields being refurbished, Hunters Garden Farms was given the chance to emerge.  The family operation has expanded into a thriving Straw Bail business run by Brian V. Klug Jr for local duck farms, construction sites and retail outlets .  Meanwhile, Brett Klug has focused his efforts on the growing of Dahlia Flowers, which he has been selling to local markets.  As the Dahlia Flower business grows, Brett is expanding Hunters Garden Farms to incorporate other products such as Grapes, Fruit, Berries, and more.  

The Klug Brothers

Straw Bales Long Island New York

Brett and Brian live on the farm and together make a great team.  Brian, a Professional Engineer, works diligently both on and off Hunters Garden Farms.  Responsible for the production and sale of all Straw Bails, Brian has a lot to attend to while also being responsible for the repair and maintenance of all the machinery including tractors, appliances, trucks, trailers and more.  His off Farm work entails Machine operation and other duties for Brian V. Klug Landscaper Inc.


Brett works diligently for Hunters Garden Preserve while also researching modern practices in farming and advertising.  Though he does not have the technical skills of his brother, he employs innovation and hard work to all facets of Hunters Garden operations.  Brett's other responsibilities include maintenance and repairs to property structures, and also provides managerial and labor assistance to Brian V. Klug Landscaper Inc.

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